Makoto Tange

(director, actor)

Makoto Tange started his career as an actor and a musician as a member of Drama-kan Theatre while studying at the Waseda University in Tokyo. In 1983, he graduated from the Theatre Arts Major of Wasada Univ. Then he joined Senga Unit as an actor, musician and a manager and also founded his own group Karura-sha. In 2002, he was invited to direct Tennyo-kagura Theatre which performances are based on Japanese ancient stories with avant-garde music. He made more than 20 performances with them during 2002-2013. They were also invited to the opening performance event of the new stage of Ise jingu shrine, 2012. He founded the company Tama+ project in 2011, which he has directed classical European works especially Shakespeare as well as modern Japanese authors, basing his actors’ work on Japanese gymnastics with some visual works of Haruo Higuma. In 2015, he began the project “Hamlets” and “Juliets” which are for the memories of the big earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan in 2011.